No electricity?

No problem.


Reliable power. Reliable water.

Texas Solar Pumps provide the best options in pumps for obtaining water where electricity is not readily available.  We harness the power of the sun, which makes your power source reliable and free. And with over 25 year life times on our solar panels, your power components will be producing reliable power for a very long time.

Solar pump systems install the same that traditional pumps install. They come with a threaded adapter ready to take PVC or Poly pipe. Most solar pump systems feature smart electronics which allow the pumps to be used during periods of cloudy weather and/or partial sunlight.  Solar pump systems can be battery based or solar direct (daytime pumping only).

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Quality pumps. Happy customers.

Working with Texas Solar Pumps has been incredible. They were able to connect me with the perfect system and their customer service was fantastic.
— BILL, Ranch Owner
I had a remote pasture that needed access to water. Texas Solar Pumps built a system for me that exceeded my expectations.
— Sharon, commerical farmer